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  1. value judgement


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    • 英文文章翻譯中文-----((急))20點

      這種方法依靠地理區域去接觸文化差異的方法是奠基於先前的工作成果,像是 Azofra and Martínez (1999) or Chang and Rosenzweig (2001)等人所作的成果. 另一種測量文化差異的方法是透過Kogut and Singh (1988) 所留下詳細的描述指示。這...

    • 2句英文翻譯 ~~

      ... workers will not give or accept gifts which may impair professional judgement, effect the integrity or efficacy of the professional relationship or which are of substantial value. 社工不應送出或接受以下2種禮物:1-可能導致專業判定失誤...

    • 幫忙 重要的結論英文翻譯

      ... lies a deep logic of power, argument and social values. The process is not perverse and arbitrary, but... the complexity is the key to good judgement and effective action. 我們的典型指出在明顯缺乏決定的...