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    • (使)蒸發
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    • crumbling此處作和解釋啊?想了兩天啦!!!!救命啊!

      ...of the skeletons together in an eternal embrace after having been vaporized. 謝謝你提供的上下文 2007-12-04 00:43:31 補充: 姑且不論我們還是不知道this...

    • 兩句關於水乾掉的英文翻譯問題

      當水蒸發殆盡時 When the water completely vaporized.... 杯子裡的水(會乾掉) The water in the cup will dry out. 不停的做某事 do sth repeatedly (或是over and over, again and again, time after time)

    • 英文中分號( ; )的用法

      ... up; she'd signed, and the heat of her breath had vaporized in the cold air of the bedroom. 這段的話,就符合前頭說過的:英文的分號用來...