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    • 五顏六色的
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    • 初學者的英文作文~~20點~~(簡單)

      ... school,junior high school,was decorated with lots of varicolored silk and balloons at that day.It was my commencement....

    • 請英文好的朋友幫我翻譯

      ... that one is full of freedom spirit and city of youthful vigor. On the varicoloured street, the graceful room rebuilt makes up various types of restaurants...

    • 問問喔~~~彩色的英文><?

      color = US colour = Canada & Britain 彩色 = multi - coloured(colored),dappled, discolor, motley, multicolor, multihued, parti-colored, varicolored, versicolor, versicolored, variegated 很多喔 ~ 看用於何處來選擇