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  1. variety meat


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    • 希望有人願意幫我修正文法,萬分感謝!?

      ...39;s ( baking egg yolk crispy) pastry (4)--Tea Chocolate:--(a variety of tea flavor) made into chocolate. (5)--XO sauce:-sauce made from...

    • 小吃的英文翻譯 (很急)

      ...很多種口味,盛產地在台中。 There are varieties of fillings and it is popular in ...再拿去炸,吃起來外酥內嫩。 Chicken dark meat is fried in nugget size - very juicy inside and...

    • 幫幫我修改以下作文

      ...they both creatived beautiful smoke and fire. We also played around with a variety of firecrackers. Some flied up to the sky, and some other...