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  1. vector product

    • n.
      the product of two real vectors in three dimensions which is itself a vector at right angles to both the original vectors. Its magnitude is the product of the magnitudes of the original vectors and the sine of the angle between their directions.
    • noun: vector product, plural noun: vector products

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      ...2;-2,9] ATb=[20,-15] 6x1-2x2=20 -2x1+9x2=-15 x1=3, x2=-1 projection vector p=Ax=b=[10,5,20] z=b-p=[0,0,0] show they are orthogonal z dot product p = (10,5,20) dot product (0,0,0) = 0, so they are orthogonal. {這個part...

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      ...two don't equal. Similarly to show that y- and z-component of the result vectors don't equal to each other respectively. Therefore, cross product isn't associative.

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