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  1. vehement

    • IPA[ˈviːəmənt]



    • adj.
      強烈的; 激烈的; 猛烈的
  2. 知識+

    • 徵英文高手

      ...2. power of forming great conceptions 良好的概念組成能力 3. vehement and inspires passion 強烈且鼓舞的熱情 4. noble diction 高貴的措詞...

    • the meaning of keen-wttedness?

      ... to be a typo of "keen-wittedness".As keen means eager; vehement; fierce; so keen is often used in the composition of words, most...

    • If Hitler Invaded Hell...

      ... the Soviet Union, Winston Churchill, a vehement anti-Communist, famously stated "If Hitler ...