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    • 速度,速率;迅速,快速
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    • 大一物理 有關instantaneous velocity

      a. Car P pass Car Q, : the instantaneous velocity ( it is constant in this case) of car P has to be greater...

    • 英文高手幫我翻~~10點送你~~不要翻譯機

      the velocity change will be calculated by integration of the recorded trolley acceleration...的的加速度或減速度積分得來。 the distance to achieve the first 50km of the velocity change of the trolley may be calculated by double integration of the ...

    • 大學物理:平均速度

      ...a tricky question, because it uses Average Velocity, not Average Speed. Velocity... like to bring to your attention: displacement, velocity, acceleration are all vectors, so they all have...