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    • [英文 ] 中翻英 15點

      1.This vending machine is out of order i want my money back. 自動販賣機壞掉了 我要要錢回來 2.Are...

    • 中-英[An embarrass story]

      ...nothing had happend after he put coins into that vending machine. So I went toward to bang on the...other comments regarding 指甲油, you will find out how notorious 指甲油 is. haha

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      ...糖夾 Today's special 今日特餐 Check out 結帳 Attendants 服務生 Carts 裝貨馬車...子酒 Cream soup 奶油湯 Clear soup 清湯 Vending area 販賣區 Walk-in-guests 來賓走道...