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  1. ventilate
  2. vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (provide with air) 使…通風

      to be well/poorly ventilate 通風良好/不暢
    • 2. (Med) 給…供氧

    • 3. (fig) (express) 公開表達

  3. 同義字

    1. cause air to enter and circulate freely in (a room, building, etc.)

    2. discuss or examine (an opinion, issue, or complaint) in public

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    ...傳統的機器卻無法做到) 2. Power cut or day cold time also may wilfully ventilate, the natural natural lighting (traditional machine actually is unable to achieve...


    vent: 風ventilate v. 通風vent + -il- + -atepyr: 火pyromania n. 縱火狂pyr + -o- + mania (crazy)hydr: 水dehydrate v. 脫水de- (away) + hydr + -ateaqua: 水geo: 土hum: 土terr: 土xyl: 木

    Climate Control

    ...供參考 維基百科提到HVAC是指暖氣、通風及冷氣(heating, ventilating, and air conditioning)尤其是超大型高樓內之環控向水族箱一樣 http://en...