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    • 通風,空氣流通,公開討論
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    • 急~ 麻煩高手幫忙翻譯一下短期刊 20點! examine the relative contribution of the outdoor concentration, the ventilation rate, the geometric characteristics of the indoor...的短暫變化。 Results showed that when the ventilation rate and outdoor concentration are high, the relative contribution...

    • 這是電器說明書,請幫忙翻以下句子

      The dish warmer can only be inserted with other appliance with a maximum weight of 40 kg that are provided with adequate cooling ventilation. 暖盤器僅可放入其他不超過40公斤且提供有適當冷卻通風的器具。

    • 幫把英文的地址翻譯成中文

      版大你好 翻譯如下 kruger ventilation (taiwan) co.Ltd address: no.157 pingan ro. Hengfeng village. ...