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  1. venting

    • vent的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 英文number of vents翻譯的問題

      排氣孔(或通風孔)的數量。 2012-08-18 12:27:57 補充: 除此之外,vent也有可能是「漏孔」的意思。 例如: The floods found a...

    • percentage of venting machine.

      DEAR 大大您好 您所提的問題,試翻譯如下 What is the percentage of vending machine? - food is messy - costs money - a lot of junk food 自動販賣機的利潤(賺頭)是甚麼? -食品劣質 -要花錢(傾向比較浪費花錢的語氣) -滿是垃圾食物(指營養成分不高或對...

    • 英文作文 How I Vent My Frustration

      When I feel frustration I usually go to do some sports like go to play baseketball or go to jog or do anything can let me don't think what let me down.Go mountain climbing is also a good choice I can see the beautiful scene and after I fininished...