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    • 1. 冒險;嘗試 Will you venture on the wine? 你敢嘗試一下這種酒嗎?
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    • what is a corporate venture?

      ...through. 孩子們冒險踏上薄冰,結果掉了進去。 2007-10-22 19:41:13 補充: 片語: venture on/upon 冒險;嘗試 ex.Will you venture on the wine? 你敢嘗試一下這種酒嗎...

    • adventure和venture有何不同?

      ...joint venture in Singapore. 他已在新加坡辦起一家合資公司。 He ventured large sums of money on speculative stocks. 他將大筆的錢拿去做股票投機。 He is...

    • 麻煩幫我翻譯~有關終止契約的通知函-贈20點

      ... writing to advise you that we would like to terminate our join venture on the product "Pelvic Cushion" on the date of May 18th...