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    • what is a corporate venture?

      .... 他太膽小,不敢從事新的事業。 ex.The children ventured out on the thin ice and fell through. 孩子們冒險踏上薄冰,結果掉了進去。 2007...

    • adventure和venture有何不同?

      adventure ( 探險 )-----親歷險境的感受 They set out on a daring space adventure. 他們著手進行一項大膽的太空探險。 No man would adventure it. 無人會冒這個險。 venture ( 冒險的事業 \ 活動 )-----精神上的感受 He has started...

    • 可幫我看看整篇文章哪裡有錯誤或者需要修正的嗎

      ...but from other things. I like to absorb new information, so I will venture out and learn from anything. It will bring me new adventures and...