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    • 單字解釋-committee

      ... as an adjective to describe "people". passive tense (被動時式) : BE-verb + P.P. (past participle) passive voice (被動語態): P.P. to lead...

    • sick、slam 及 split 的詞性

      ...verbs in those two sentences. --- Linking verbs are the verbs that link the subject of a clause or a complement( an adjective group or an noun group) --- In sentence 2, "shut" is an adjective that...

    • 誰來幫幫我~求翻譯英文成中文~超急急急!!! the same for the verb "do" and for the regular verb "work." 老師從課本上選了個 be 動詞然後要求...quot;work" 2.The students work in small groups to make sentences with the new forms. ...