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  1. verge on

    • ph.
      接近; 瀕臨
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    • 1. 接近; 瀕臨 His behaviour verges on foolhardiness. 他的行為簡直近於蠻幹。 He is already a man verging on old age. 他已經是一個接近老年的人了。


    接近; 瀕臨

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    • 幫我檢查文法和錯字

      ...mother fainted because of low blood sugar, and she verged on death .That made me scared.... But when I looked back on my childhood, I thought I...

    • 有關英文單字verge跟edge的幾個問題

      ...verge這個字又比edge較多內心上的表示和跟深的含意 例子: We are on the verge of finding the cure for cancer. 這句是說: 我們就快要找到癌症的解藥 on...

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      ...部份 看看有沒有奇怪的地方) This has implications that verge on absurdity, since even if we were to try to do what we can to protect these ...