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  1. vertical thinking

    • n.
      the solving of problems using conventional logical processes.
    • noun: vertical thinking

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    • 垂直思考 水平思考 中譯英

      很多人都只會垂直思考 ,但不懂得水平思考. Most people prefer vertical thinking to lateral thinking.vertical 垂直vertical thinking 垂直思考lateral 旁側、橫向的lateral thinking 水平思考(注意水平不要使用horizontal)

    • I would not be vertical today?

      ...without the medication, she would not stand up right (would not be vertical) in front of the audience. This is a kind of...直直地站著". 2013-08-07 09:35:01 補充: I think, her illness might disable her from standing...

    • 下列英文的中文意思是? wanna do this? I really think you need a careful thought. 3. lack of ability 沒天份,少根筋 Though you... linked to lack of ability to measure vertical distances correctly. 4. worked against 找碴...