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  1. verticals

    • vertical的名詞複數
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    • I would not be vertical today?

      ...without those two simple chemicals, I would not be vertical today ..." "be vertical", here, she referred... your guts feeling with "vertical" is correct! 2013-08-07 09:43:25 補充: ...

    • 請問 vertical stick 的英文意思為何?

      I want your psycho your vertical stick. 我要你的喪心病狂,我要你的傲立大柱﹗ "vertical stick": vertical - 直立,stick - 大棒子 "your vertical stick" 就是男性的利器﹗

    • Split vertical out?!

      我的版本是Powerpoint 2007 英文版, Split vertical out 是投影片間的切換效果(transition effect), 由中間向左右兩側拉開序幕, ...