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  1. very

    • IPA[ˈveri]



    • adv.
      很; 好吧;極端地
    • adj.
    • adv
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 很; 好吧 very hot/small 很熱/很小 I'm very sorry 我非常抱歉
    • 2. 極端地 the very best/worst thing 最最好/糟糕的事 at the very earliest/latest 最早/最遲


    • 1. 正是的 those were her very words 那就是她的原話 at that very moment 正在那時
    • 2. 最合適的 the very person/thing I need 我正需要的人/東西
    • 3. 極端的 from the very beginning 從一開始 at the very beginning/end 在最初/最後
    • 4. 僅僅的 the very thought of drink made him feel sick 他一想到酒就感到噁心 the very word conjures up exotic visions 單是這個字就可讓人想到異國情調


    • 1. 非常 very much better 好得多 I like it very much 我非常喜歡它
    • 2. 很多 there's not very much I can do about it 對此我沒有多少可做的 I didn't eat very much 我吃的不太多


    1. actual; precise (used to emphasize the exact identity of someone or something)

    2. with no addition of anything else; mere

  2. 知識+

    • very&quite

      very   adv. ( 副詞 adverb )  attrib. a. ( ) adv. ( 副詞...1. 極其,非常,很,甚,頗 《例句》 That's a very easy matter for me. 那對我來說太容易了. 2. 十分...very picture of his father. 他活像他父親. The very fact of your hesitating proves it...

    • very .. very..

      in her very home;the very end of the world;the very bottom;the very next day;這裡所指的very當作...那個"的意思。其他的用法及意思,下方貼自奇摩字典的例句,供您做參考。very 圖片參考: ]  ad. (副詞 adverb)1. 非常...

    • very funny

      她說 very funny I think it is nice 看NICE,我覺得她覺得還不錯。 她覺得夢到你很有趣,所以她說VERY FUNNY 後面接著說I think it is nice,也就是她覺得還不錯...