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    • 關於稱讚女性容貌 身材的名詞

      ATTRACTIVE - you look very attractive / she is a very attractive woman (看起來很有魅力) ...吃驚.. 恩.. 翻的怪怪的.. nevermind POLITE - she is very polite to everyone (她對每個人都很有禮貌) THOUGHTFUL...

    • on the other side / hand

      ...side the idea of being married and having a family is very attractive 2009-07-06 09:07:53 補充: 這牽涉到other 與another之差別 other是指兩件事之...

    • 短文 中翻英 正確

      Christmas day, I in Holland, there is very attractive country, roadside each house is the artware, but weather very cold, sometimes will snow...