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    • the word means very very big的謎

      gigantic, huge 如果有限制字數會比較精準。 奇摩字典上 gagantic 同義字打一些放上來,如您分別輸入,還會有更多其他的。 immense vast enormous tremendous colossal

    • 幫我修改此篇文章的文法,謝謝(20點)

      The supermarket is very big and has many people. 建議 The supermarket is very big and go shopping with my family. I like to stroll the supermarket very much, that is the place very” life", the food, the life sundries, or even...

    • 英文作文 My home

      My home is not very big but it is a very warm and happy...history in high school.He is very young ,he only 26years old , so we ... home isnot rich and live in a big house.But we are happy...