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    • 一些英文單字意思??

      ...enthusiastic a. 1. 熱情的;熱烈的;熱心的[(+about/over/at)] David is very enthusiastic about the plan. 大衛對該項計劃十分熱心。 They are enthusiastic ...

    • 英文句子分析結構

      ...類似。 2010-11-09 15:26:19 補充: Georges Braque, who was very enthusiastic about the direction of Picasso’s art, collaborated with Picasso...

    • [急] 中翻英 文法要對不要線上翻譯 [20]點

      ...沒有什麼研究的女孩 I am a girl who is very enthusiastic about sports but not a girl who has done a lot...這是比較可惜的地方 It is a pity when we talk about things like this.