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  1. very well

    • ph.
      (用以表示同意或服從, 尤指經勸說、命令或要求後)
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    • 1. (用以表示同意或服從, 尤指經勸說、命令或要求後) Very well, doctor, I'll try to take more exercise. 好吧, 大夫, 那我就盡量多鍛鍊鍛鍊吧。 Oh, very well, if you insist. 噢, 好啦, 你一定要這樣就聽你的吧。
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    • 請問very wellvery much分別是什麼詞?!?

      How are you? (I am) "very well." very是修飾well的副詞 well是形容詞,當作本句的「主詞補語」。 Thank...

    • very much?very well?

      其實 very much & very well 要看這些片語所修飾的動詞是什麼 ? 就像 know .. 如果要修飾應該是說很了解...very much ex1 說這個動詞 / speak 當然是形容一個人說得很好, 因此也必須使用 very well 她說英文說得很好 She speaks English very well. ex2...

    • My English is not very well...

      ...experience, I'll suggest you the following 1. Need to have well defined goals. The journey is long and boring...