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  1. vest-pocket

    • adj.
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    • 1. 袖珍的 a vest-pocket dictionary/calculator 袖珍詞典/計算器
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    • 請幫我用專業的翻譯下面的英文

      ...may need assistance. 在您幫助其他人之前,請先戴上自己的氧氣罩 Your lift vest is located under your seat, under the center armrest or where...

    • 單字問題...煩請在6點前解答...

      ...suit 毛衣sweart 泳裝bathing suit 內衣褲lingerie 背心a vest; a waistcoat 袋子bag 皮帶belt 鈕扣button 便帽(運動帽)cap...手帕handkerchief 帽子(有帽緣的)hat 面具mask 項鍊necklace 口袋pocket 錢包wallet 戒指ring 2006-02-15 17:36:40 補充: 圍巾a scarf...

    • 急唷,請英文高手幫翻譯~20點

      ... in Pingtung just sat down for a vest .. We saw the rise of a old man holding...road, he suddenly stopped and From his pocket and took out a bundle of banknotes He...