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  1. visiting fireman


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    • 想麻煩翻譯中翻英 (消防方面)

      ... step is to report as soon as possible, notify firemen extinguish, then quickly fled the scene. If...environment has been unable to escape, immediately visiting the refuge in relatively safe districts, this security...

    • 請問一下日本有哪些特別的文化??急!!!

      ...七五三節 Shichi-Go-San (Children's Shrine-Visiting Day) 十二月十七日 春日神社節 Kasuga Wakamiya ...

    • 英文高手(中翻英文),急需

      ... half year, we will come back to the school and visit everyone there. 我自己的答案: 1.我想當電腦工程師,祕書...歡迎。 Normally, being a doctor, policeman or a fireman is popular. THe most hot vocations currently...