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  1. vital capacity


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    • 醫學名詞 幫幫忙吧...20點

      ...是指長時間坐在空間狹小的座位上,腿部靜脈血流變差,導致血管內形成血栓。 Vital capacity 肺活量;|%B0T/92%A6...

    • 請幫我找有關運動的英文句子

      1.Swimming needs to have the strong vital capacity. 游泳需要有很強的肺活量 2.Playing basketball is widely pupular with...

    • 英文作文!幫幫忙找個靈感~~

      ... need to have more patients, and it also can add our vital capacity. But, if you have altitude illness, I don't suggest you to do it. In...