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  1. voice novel

    • KK[vɔɪs ˋnɑv!]
    • DJ[vɔis ˋnɔvəl]
    • ph.
  2. 知識+

    • 有看過大亨小傳的請進

      ... is arrogant, violent, and both racist and sexist. 3. Her voice is described as "the kind of voice that the ear follows...

    • 關於英文think的用法問題。?

      ...adjective complement, if any] They thought + [the novel] + [worth] + [reading]. 2.(2) We thought...quot;to be" cannot be omitted in passive voice) = It was thought (by us) to be...

    • 翻譯成英文-侯文詠的簡歷

      ... Prize. works as follows: Short Novel, prose correction, Children Literautre Creating. Voice Book. Health Serials and Critic Review.