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    • 請幫我翻譯這『醫學檢查報告』的內容,好嗎?

      出院指示與用藥(Recommendations & Medications) OPD follow-up, (門診追蹤) Keep Foley for bladder training . (繼續膀胱訓練留置尿管) Oral medication for pain control and infection prevention (疼痛控制及預防感染予口服藥) 2006-02-22 20:01...

    • 急~~請幫我英文翻譯一小段~~謝謝

      ...方法: 隨機 2 周的前瞻性研究老年康復病房。65 歲的女病人和老年人與堅持 post-voiding 殘餘尿量 (PVRU) ≥300 毫升被隨機分配到的兩個群體之一: 間歇導尿...

    • 拜託 ~各位大大幫個忙~翻譯篇英文文章

      ...natural space as a whole, then we first have to imagine it three-dimensionally as a void filled in part by the individual volumes of objects and in part by the air. The void exists not as...