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  1. volcanic

    • IPA[vɒlˈkænɪk]



    • adj.
      火山的;動盪的; 突然爆發的
  2. 知識+

    • 麻煩英文高手幫我翻譯這一篇![急急急]

      The formation of volcanic Although the world distribution of a large number of volcanoes...crust with ︰ In the previous chapter we mentioned the plate movement, and volcanic activity and plate movement are inseparable. Subduction plate expansion and...

    • 請問英文介系詞的用法

      Kim的答案是正確的 因為 a sample _ __volcanic rock,請注意samble前面有一個a 然後which接著是關代 所以...為)火山岩 顯見of較適用 你只要把of當成(的) 即 a volcanic rock's sample即可 例如:with the help of other...

    • 英文句子 (急需!!)

      ...要加Have/had 如果是發生過了但該處已經恢復就說 The volcanic eruption,magma,and volcanic ash had wiped out Japan. 如果是...