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  1. volleyed

    • volley的動詞過去式、過去分詞
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    • 請問各位高手 serve-and-volley 是什麼含意?

      ...後(serve),立即趨前上網以求快速回擊對方的球,讓對手措手不及的一種贏球方式(volley指的是回擊/截擊未落地前的球)! 網球上稱這種技巧為發球後上網!提供給的網頁...

    • are notorious for launching .?

      He and the Howlerz are notorious for launching wicked volleys of bowfire, even while riding at breakneck speed. 他和the Howlerz以...

    • 請問這句中文要怎麼翻成英文???

      I joined volley ball team on behalf of our department. Not only did I get a lot of glory, but I also understand the importance of teamwork.