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  1. vote

    • KK[vot]
    • DJ[vəut]


    • n.
    • vi.
    • vt.
    • 名詞複數:votes

    • 過去式:voted 過去分詞:voted 現在分詞:voting

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 選舉,投票,表決[C][(+on/about)] The matter will be decided by vote. 此事將投票表決。
    • 2. 票,選票[C][(+for/against)] There were 16 votes in favor of my suggestion, and 15 against. 十六票贊成我的建議,十五票反對。
    • 3. 投票結果[S]
    • 4. 總票數;得票數[the S]
    • 5. 選舉權,投票權[the S][P] In that country, people get the vote at the age of 18. 在那個國家,人們年滿十八歲獲得選舉權。


    • 1. 投票;表決;選舉[(+for/against/on)][+to-v] As we are not unanimous for this matter, let's vote on it. 因為我們在這件事上無法取得同意,我們表決吧。 Vote for the man you can trust. 選你能信賴的人。


    • 1. 投票決定;投票同意;選舉[O][O1] They voted her their headmistress. 他們選她做校長。
    • 2. 公議,一致認為[H][O9] The party was voted a great success. 大家一致認為聚會很成功。
    • 3. 【口】提議,建議[+(that)] I vote that we avoid him in the future. 我建議我們以後避開他。


    n. 選舉,投票;選擇

    • n.
    • vote的名詞複數
    • vote的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • n.
      投票 the second round of voting 第二輪投票 voting patterns/habits 投票模式/習慣
    • ph.
      投票擊敗; 否決某事物
    • ph.
      投票否決 Everyone expected the councilman to be voted out at the next election. 每一個人都希望這位政會議員在下次選舉中落選。 I wonder how he got voted out of office. 我不知道他是怎樣被投票罷免的。
    • ph.
      選出 He was voted in by a handsome majority. 他以可觀的多數當選。 labor was voted in for a second term of office. 工黨再次當選執政。
    • ph.
      投票擊敗;罷免 He was voted out in the last election. 他在上次選舉時被繫敗了。
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    • IPA[vəʊt]



    • n.
      票; 獲得某人的支持 to cast one's or a vote 投票 to count the votes 計票
    • vt.
      投票支持 to vote Labour 投工黨的票 to vote ‘yes’ 投贊成票
    • vi.
      投票 he’s only 17 and not eligible to vote 他才17歲,還沒有選舉資格 how are you voting? 你打算投誰的票?