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  1. like turkeys voting for Christmas

    • ph.
      used to suggest that a particular action or decision is hopelessly self-defeating
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    • 英文Problem

      You're not going to vote for John, are you? A. As a matter of face, I ...肯定問法,還是否定問法。 這裡 (B) 說,I'm not going to vote for him 我不選他,那前面一定要說 No. (D) 剛好相反,我以...

    • 公民與道德的問題

      Of course you can vote for yourself. In fact, you should. This issue revolves not...! If you won't be confident with your own answer and vote for yourself, then who else would? I'm sure every political candidate in an election...

    • Why people should vote for you

      A good question.(1) I can give the citizens a better enviornment to live in.(2) I can help the citizens to have better jobs so that they can have better income to improve their living quality.(3) I can give the citizens...