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    • 1. 選出 He was voted in by a handsome majority. 他以可觀的多數當選。 labor was voted in for a second term of office. 工黨再次當選執政。



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    • 求助英文翻譯!20點喔

      In different countries around the world, people become ' do certain things such as get a part-time job, vote, get married, or get a license to drive. It..., and drive, they are also old enough to vote in elections. 在加拿大的亞伯達(加拿大西部的一...

    • 英文文法問題ed ing 何時用?

      ...名詞或述部。 2. The convincing argument [caused] everyone to vote in favor of the proposal. 這裡的caused是本句的主要動詞(及物動詞),屬於...