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  1. vote of no confidence (or vote of censure)

    • ph.
      a vote showing that a majority does not support the policy of a leader or governing body
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    • 急~詢問英文」專任顧問醫師」該如何說?

      ...and in 1977 he was elected president of the Liverpool Medical ... had already passed two votes of no confidence in Dr Pickens - the first in...

    • 華盛頓郵報的英文翻譯 請幫我英翻中~贈20點唷~

      基金經理人所投下的不信任票 如果你剛買了某檔基金, 當你知道負責該檔基金的經理人自己也投資了一些錢進去, 你一定會覺得比較放心吧? 而如果你發現你的基金經理人 – 身為你投資的血汗錢的捍衛者 – 對這檔基金卻毫無信心, 自己一毛錢都不願意拿出來投資, 你心中有何感想...

    • (急)英文演講稿翻譯,求救

      ...think a wonderful thing in the world with a group of friends. I grew up when...the class participating in the school vote model student selection. I own no self-confidence, and would choose the model student must ...