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  1. wafer fabrication

    • KK[ˋwefɚ ͵fæbrɪˋkeʃən]
    • DJ[ˋweifə ͵fæbriˋkeiʃən]


    • ph.
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    • 高手幫我翻翻看><(急)

      As everyone knows, wafer fabrication is a capital-intensive and highly competitive industry. 眾所皆知,晶片製造是一個...

    • 有關wafer的英文定義

      FAB 是指晶圓製造廠(a fabrication plant for semiconductor manufacture,不叫Production...一題(Electrical Die Sorting)。  Wafer: Thinly cut portion of FAB and EDS...

    • 急救!!專業電子摘要~中翻英~已提供專有名詞單字~面試用QQ

      In this abstract, the subject is mainly to research and investigate the solution for the resulting electrical parasitism during IC packaging and the improvement for these factors to make the simulation and real measurement result closer. Because the factors of...