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  1. wag

    • IPA[waɡ]


    • v.
      (especially with reference to an animal's tail) move or cause to move rapidly to and fro;move (an upwards-pointing finger) from side to side to signify disapproval
    • n.
      a single rapid movement from side to side
    • noun: wag, plural noun: wags

    • verb: wag, 3rd person present: wags, gerund or present participle: wagging, past tense: wagged, past participle: wagged

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    • 片語



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    • 請用”wag the dog”幫我造句

      ...或許還記得1998年上演的一部諷刺美國政治的電影 "Wag the Dog",即「桃色風雲搖擺狗」。故事...尾巴是副體。但如果情況相反,是由尾巴來搖狗the tail wagging the dog,則主客體不分了。所以這個片語用來比喻...

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      TO 發問者  【Q】Tail wags the head,請問是啥意思?  【A】個人認為標題「tail wags the dog...

    • "tail wags the dog"

      純粹英文探討 與以上政治事件無關 其他類似片語的例子Throw the baby out with the bath water.把重要的東西和廢物一起丟掉Put your foot in your mouth.在錯的時機說不適當的話而造成尷尬的場面