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    wage earners

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    • 英文中的形容詞 副詞 各是修飾什麼詞?

      As today's economy is more demanding , wage-earners often have to workovertime into the night or during weekends when, traditionally, family...

    • 英文高手進來解答~謝謝

      一.3 二.6 三.1 四.9 五.4 六.8 七.2 2009-08-04 21:13:51 補充: 一.為了工資而生活的人,不可能經營事業 二.worth 後 必須用 Ving 三.full of fish 為形容詞子句修飾area 四.尋找一個平衡點,也就是議價 五.be eager to為慣用語,需記 六.高檔貨 七.跳過的意思

    • 請文法高手幫我看英文文法

      1. amused -> amusing 2. if you just want to talk about one movie, then you can say "I prefer to watch a movie that is amusing and entertaining." 3. if you want to use movies, make sure the rest of the sentences use "they" instead of "it"...