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  1. wait for

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    • 1. 等候 Time and tide wait for no man. 歲月不等人。 He always has to be waited for. 他老是要人等他。



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    • 請問 Wait on / for

      請問 wait on , wait for 之間可以畫等號嗎? No. 在 “等待” 的含義上有...objectionable in standard usage, the idiom wait on meaning “to wait for, to await (a person)” is most common in the Midland...

    • waiting for the next shoe..~中文

      To wait for the other shoe to drop. To wait就是等待,the other shoe就是另一...的旅客不能入睡了,他得等另外一隻鞋掉下來後才能睡覺。這就是to wait for the other shoe to drop的來源。所以to wait for the other shoe to drop 也...

    • waiting for you 不知誰唱的

      Artist: Seal Lyrics Song: Waiting For You