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    • 等候,服侍等候的,服侍的
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    • 請問 Wait on / for

      請問 wait on , wait for 之間可以畫等號嗎...statement. He is correct. Wait on 有等待, 指望的含義 (來作決定... the house. I am waiting for a letter to arrive. Can...

    • wait 的用法?

      wait 是不及物動詞“等待,等候”的意思。可以用於片語wait for sb.“等某人”,wait to do sth.“等著做某事”,wait for sb to do sth...

    • wait跟await有何差異?

      If you "await" someone or something, you "wait for" them. Something that "... waiting my turn.正確。 但 I "wait" him.是錯誤的。受詞是「人」或「具體事物...