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  1. waitress service


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    • 關於英文文法句子!

      應該是正確的 tip 給小費 可當動詞用 tip + 人 + 錢 + for V-ing (or for N ) 例如 I tipped the hairdresser $100 for doing such a good job.

    • 餐飲店員英文怎麼寫

      只管食物不收銀 waiter, waitress, service people 管食物也收銀 通稱Cashier

    • 幫我看看我寫的公司推薦信英文可以嗎?

      ...two years. 可以改成=>She was the waitress and served two-years in the hotel . She... to my observation, she enjoy in the provide service to the customer, and loved see satisfaction smile form customer...