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  1. walk

    • IPA[wôk]


    • v.
      move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once;go on foot for recreation and exercise
    • n.
      an act of traveling or an excursion on foot;used to indicate the time that it will take someone to reach a place on foot or the distance that they must travel
    • verb: walk, 3rd person present: walks, gerund or present participle: walking, past tense: walked, past participle: walked

    • noun: walk, plural noun: walks

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. move at a regular pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, never having both feet off the ground at once I walked across the lawn she turned and walked a few paces 同義詞 stroll, saunter, amble, wend one's way, trudge, ... 更多
    • go on foot for recreation and exercise you can walk in 21,000 acres of mountain and moorland
    • travel along or over (a route or area) on foot the police department has encouraged officers to walk the beat
    • use movements similar to walking but with a different part of one's body or a support he could walk on his hands carrying a plate on one foot
    • (of a quadruped) proceed with the slowest gait, always having at least two feet on the ground at once.
    • ride (a horse) at its slowest gait he walked his horse toward her
    • 2. guide, accompany, or escort (someone) on foot he walked her home to her door 同義詞 accompany, escort, guide, show, see, ... 更多
    • take (a domestic animal, typically a dog) out for exercise a man walking his retriever
    • 3. North American informal abandon or suddenly withdraw from a job, commitment, or situation he was in place as the male lead but walked at the eleventh hour we were expecting the merger with Bell to go through—we didn't expect Bell to walk on the deal
    • be released from suspicion or from a charge had any of the others come clean during the trial, he might have walked
    • 4. be awarded first base after not swinging at four balls pitched outside the strike zone.
    • allow or enable (a batter) to walk.
    • (of a pitcher) give a walk with the bases loaded so as to force in (a run).
    • another term for travel
    • 5. (of a ghost) be present and visible the ghosts of Bannockburn walked abroad
    • 6. archaic used to describe the way in which someone lives or behaves walk humbly with your God