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    • 英文裡的up,away,out...等等

      ...意思? 強調什麼? up, away, off....等等 你那些提到的都會...也可以是講大聲點 tidy away 是東西用完整齊地放回...口語都是wait in line i walked my dog 是我溜我的狗 i walked with my dog 是我跟我...

    • 麻煩翻譯一下 謝謝^^

      ... himself behind a tree not far away and was watching the fight between the lion and the bear, came out and walked in between them, and ran off with the kid. The lion and the bear both...

    • 請幫我翻譯以下文章成中文

      ... shall never wear the hood again, but I have too weak a character to throw it away, and I do not doubt that it will tag along with me to the end of my days, not keeping me either...