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  1. walk away from

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    • 1. 輕取 He walked away from all his competitors. 他輕而易舉的擊敗了所有的競爭者。
    • 2. 從...安然脫身 She walked away from the shipwreck. 在這次沈船事件中, 她平安脫險了。 He walked away from the car crash. 他在車禍中安然無恙。



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      ... made a believer out of me. Everything I've walked away from to do X Factor, you've just made it all worthwhile. 妳...

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      ...副詞子句的「主詞 + beV」可省略. 2. It would be about a ten-minute walk away from here. 請問walk是否為動詞?為什麼不在前面加to呢? 本句中的walk是名詞. a ten...