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    • 英文文法問題 (急!!!!)

      ...penguin who is not angry will walk away with its head and body (...octopus swam in the sea with its eight arms... head and body very low walks away. 那隻不生氣的企鵝將他的頭...

    • 英文翻中文

      ...但是一次一次,他仍然無法碰到那些葡萄。最後,他放棄了。 The fox walked away from the grapevine with his nose in the air, saying, 這隻狐狸離開了這株葡萄藤,然後朝...

    • <<急!!>>幫我翻譯文章!![10]

      ... a mischief for even doing monkey-business. Then David walked away with laughing. 故事到此結束,謝謝大家。 That's all. ...