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  1. walk in on

    • vt.
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    • walk on two legs是什麼意思?

      The state of Hong Kong tried to walk on two legs in the 1970s. on one hand, it promoted export industrialization by building...

    • Walking on Air 翻譯

      ...輕快的 快樂的 得意的 洋洋得意Feel elated or exuberantly joyful, as in She was walking on air after she found out she'd won the teaching award. ...

    • 英文 In / on the street 差別

      通常我們都說 walking on the street 走在街上 in 是用在某個空間裡 比如說 in the room on 是說在...上面 所以說 Boys are playing on the street才對歐!