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  1. walk of life

    • ph.
      the position within society that someone holds or the part of society to which they belong as a result of their job or social status
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    • ph.
      a person's occupation or position within society

    Oxford Dictionary

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    • 請問”各行各業”的英文典故

      all walks of life means" all fields or all areas" position or achievement" 意指各階層的位階及成就,因此 the phrase "all walks of life" 可能也是指人在一生中為尋求成就所嘗試過的每一條路徑(方法) 2006...

    • who can expain it clearly?

      ...理解社會各階層人民的心聲,看到他們最良善的一面,而不是最糟糕的部分! walks of life 是英文片語,表示「行業; 身份; 階層」,常用於 all walks of life,表示...

    • 英文能力測驗

      ... the loss of accident.新的規定係針對減少意外事故而訂。2. all walks of life   各行各業The meeting involved people from all walks...