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  1. walk off with

    • ph.
      拿走; 偷走;輕易贏得
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    • 1. 拿走; 偷走 Why didn't you walk off with your father when he left? You don't have to stay. 你父親走時你為什麼不跟他一起離去, 你沒有必要留下。 He walked off with his master's money. 他拐走了主人的款子。
    • 2. 輕易贏得 Newcombe walked off with the match. 紐康姆輕易贏得了那場比賽。 The new young singer has simply walked off with the show. 這位初露頭角的年輕歌唱家簡直是整個演出中最引人注目的角色。


    拿走; 偷走

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      ... story tells us, must help the human warm-heartedly, cannot walk off with another's possessions.

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      ...left to work, I would take sth in my hand an walk off with it, for deposit in the big municipal wire trash basket at away, and I do not doubt that it will tag along with me to the end of my days, not ...

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      ... watching the fight between the lion and the bear, came out and walked in between them, and ran off with the kid. The lion and the bear both saw the fox, but they could not even...