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  1. walk something off

    • ph.
      exercise on foot in order to undo the effects of a heavy meal
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    • 翻譯"I can't step down off..."

      ...補充: step off (of) something to leave something elevated with one's first...before pronouns.) she stepped off the bottom step and walked down the street. Tony stepped off...

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      ...interest in 4.look forward to 5.take (a day) off 英語文章 The day before yesterday, it seems something like Halloween. in ... or Treat ” . they walked alongside of houses.. it ...

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      ... the dog 現在進行式 *walked the dog 過去是) be afraid of=對某...look out the window 看向窗外 run off=跑掉 (如果是runoff,兩個字連在... 的媽媽叫他照顧妹妹。) something a little different=有一些(點)不一樣...