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  1. walk the plank


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    • 金銀島大意(20點)

      ..., his hands tied and blindfolded pirates walk the plank, the sudden storm at sea, covered with bone hack Spanish pirate lair, etc...

    • 很難的中翻英 英文句子~20點 急

      ...already the wall cancer, the wall also already putrefied. In family's plank staircase also already started to have the fissure, when walks the staircase, the staircase fissure is getting deeper and ...

    • 【急】英文高手請快進來!!(20點)

      ... will definitely bring you back a lot of the wooden planks! 我還是直接在回答一次好了.. 這樣補充 不... Hence, Sherry walks into the woods with the golden axe. S...