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  1. walk the wards

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      gain experience as a clinical medical student
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    • 請教英文達人,這樣翻是否得體。

      ...種公益性質 為了使孩子開心那種裝傻) I blow bubbles as I walk into the wards, shake hands with the kids. 我在走入病房的同時吹著泡泡,並與...

    • 英文句子怎麼寫

      ... office by bus every day. 5. He wanted to talk to "the" girl, so he walk "towards" her. 雙引號是我覺得好像應該加上去比較好...

    • 幫幫我翻翻過去病史 謝謝你們

      ... much harder to walk or to maintion her daily life independently...走路或重要的是她獨立地日常生活。 The patient then received medication... admitted to our ward twice in 2007.病患於是在我們的門診...