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  1. walk up to

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    • 1. 走近 A stranger walked up to me and shook my hand. 有個陌生人向我走來跟我握手。 She walked up to the desk and asked to see the manager. 她走到辦公桌前要求見經理。
    • 2. 來看(馬戲、表演等)
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    • 兩個簡單英文問題

      1.chris walks up to her walk up (to sb/ sth) 意謂非常有自信的朝某人走去。 walks...

    • 英文片語翻譯walk...(20點)

      walk up 來看(表演) walk across(?) walk down(?) walk along(?) behind you 在你後面 in back of you(應該沒有這種說法) around the corner在附近 next to在隔壁 stay on this road 待在這條路上(?) in front of you在你前面 follow the...

    • devil may care saunter 英翻中

      ...圖片參考: He'd always walk up to his airplane in a kind of saunter, 他總是會用一種優哉漫步的姿態走向他...